Glazed Terra Cotta

I made this tutorial because I couldn’t find a single source that explained how to make GTC from start to finish. This is for java edition, I don’t know if it’s exactly the same on other platforms.


Find Clay. Clay can be found in lakes and rivers. Its nearly indistinguishable from sand until you get closer.


Sand is more yellow, and clay is more bluish-grey. Try to mine at least a few stacks, because the yield is 1 terra cotta block for every 4 clay you get.

(1 “stack” is 64)


Use shovel to dig. It goes faster if you remain on a surface, and then jump in the water to get the clay. Some floats, and some stays at the bottom.


Place clay into crafting area.

You can use a crafting table or your mini table.

4 raw clay produces one clay block.


Put clay blocks into furnace. You’ll get the raw terra cotta.
You can build with this or dye it and cook it to make the Glazed Terra cotta.


To dye the terra cotta, put your dye in the middle and 8 blocks around it.

In this tutorial, I’m making the light green one, but as of today, there are 16 colors / designs you can make.
This makes a nice building block also, but to glaze it, it goes in the furnace one more time. I know, it’s a lot of steps!!!


And there you have it! Go build something awesome!


There are 16 colors, because there are 16 dyes.

To learn how to make dyes, click here.