Dyes in Minecraft

Dyes are among the most creative ways to colorize your world. You can dye wool, beds, sheep, leather, and make glazed terra cotta, and colorful banners.


Black dye is made from the ink sacs of squid. Squid can be found in most bodies of water. They are easily killed by sword, axe or arrows. In shallow water, they die frequently around the edges, so you can grab the sacs without killing them.


White dye is made from bone meal or lily of the valley flowers. To get bone meal, you must kill skeletons, collect the bones, and put into crafting table to make bone meal. Then put the bone meal back into the crafting table to get white dye.
If you can find white lilies, just put them in the crafting table.


Add some black dye and white dye, and voila, medium grey dye!


Light grey dye is made from grey and white dye.


Mine Lapis Lazuli or find cornflowers to make blue dye. Lapis is found mining mostly through blocks not exposed to open air.


Find some cactus in a desert biome, and cook it! This one isn’t made on the crafting table.


This is an often overlooked color that makes a gorgeous blue, and a very pretty terra cotta. Just mix blue and green dyes!


Green and white dye make lime green. I use this a lot to dye sheep, then turn wool into carpet and cover ground areas to appear as bright green grass. Also, mobs can’t spawn on carpet!


Choose from 4 ways to make red dye. Poppy, rosebush, red tulip or beetroot! This is the easiest dye to find and make.


There’s 5 ways to make magenta! Allium flower or lilacs will make one dye each. Or, you can add pink and purple dyes and you’ll get 2 magentas. Add red, blue and pink, you’ll get 3 magentas, and lastly, add blue, red, red, and white and you get 4 magentas.


Yellow is another easy one, as the yellow dandelions are everywhere. Sunflowers are found in Plains biomes, and they always only face east.


Brown dye is the hardest, because there’s only one way to make it, and that is to find a jungle and grab up some coco pods.